A subcontractor of larger and heavier products within the area of welding,
robot-welding, machine boring and multi-operational machinery.


About our company

We are a welding and machine working company and presently we have 40 employees and a business turnover of approximately 90 million SEK annually.We are just as willing to supply products as requested by the customer (for example such as cast parts) as we are to make our own products, welded and manufactured by ourselves from the base product, before delivery.

Heavier parts are no problem!

Our machinery area is specially adapted for the handling of large and heavier parts, and we are able to cater for items of a weight of up to 10 tons without any difficulties.We are able to use our assembly section for the assembly of also larger products, with the use of hydraulics.Machine working of larger parts is mainly performed through machine boring, while smaller parts are produced by using multi-operational machinery

Robot-welding and manual welding.

In the welding department we are able to perform work requiring licence-welding. The gauge of the sheet metal can be up to 200mm.In order to be able to produce welding work to the possible highest quality, we have a number of programmable welding positioners placed in our welding areas.